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"Together let us work to build God's Kingdom here today: justice, equality, sharing, compassion, peace will be our way."
-- From the song "Life Is A Journey"

The Benedictine Monks of
Weston Priory
Highlights From the Fall/Winter 2000 Bulletin
Table of Contents

1) Saying No! to Hatred: On Not Relinquishing the Privilege of Loving

"Where do we look for a glimpse of what we are called to as human beings, for an intimation of the love we are capable of and can aspire to?" MORE  

2) Friendships Founded in God

"We give thanks for the lives of two women, whose friendship and generosity have blessed our community... Grace Carroll and Ann Gallagher" MORE  

3) Life Together in One Heart

"We share with you some of the events which have marked our community life during the past months..." MORE

4) Opening to a New Springtime

"The most important experience was the gathering together of monastic brothers and sisters from so many cultures, races and lands..." MORE

5) The Many Faces of Benedictine Life

"The Benedictine Confederation: Witness to Diversity-in-Unity..." MORE

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