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Destruction, death, fear, and now war have filled our waking hours -- our conversation, prayers, and thoughts -- and, at night, our dreams.

The Benedictine Monks of
Weston Priory
Highlights From the Fall/Winter 2001 Bulletin
Table of Contents

1) One, a poem by Cheryl Sawyer

    "As the soot and dirt and ash rained down, we became one color. " (more)

2) Becoming the Peace We Pray for

    "Precisely at this time, when we grope for direction, we need to remember that our responses to this crisis, personally and as a nation, are not predetermined. " ( more )

3) Living the Beatitudes After September 11th

    "In the search for justice and safety, our nation must not perpetrate the very destructiveness we condemn." ( more )

4) Life Together in One Heart

    "We share with you some of the events which have marked our community life during the past months." ( more )

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