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'The God of peace
is never glorified
by human

- Thomas Merton

The Benedictine Monks of
Weston Priory
Highlights From the Fall/Winter 2002 Bulletin


We are morally opposed
to the plans of the
Bush administration
to launch a war against Iraq.

'THE THREAT coming from Washington is something that is simply unthinkable. There is no war, least of all today and least of all in the Middle East, that can resolve something.'

Cardinal Roger Etchegaray
The Holy See

'AS AN ESSENTIAL PART of its fight against terrorism, the international community is called to undertake new and creative political, diplomatic, and economic initiatives aimed at relieving the scandalous situations of gross injustice.'

Pope John Paul II

'WAR AGAINST IRAQ could have unpredictable consequences not only for Iraq, but for peace and stability elsewhere in the Middle East. Use of massive military force to remove the current government of Iraq could have incalculable consequences for a civilian population that has suffered so much from war, repression, and a debilitating embargo. We respectfully urge you to step back from the brink of war.'

Bishop Wilton Gregory
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

'WE MUST assign criminals to international courts without subjecting entire populations to bombardments.'

Cardinal Estou- Nvabi- Bamungwabi

'THE THREAT OF MILITARY ACTION devalues the lives of all people in countries such as Iraq, who are already suffering severely from harsh leadership and the economic impact of extreme sanctions and bombardment.'

Catholic Bishops of Australia

No war in our name.

The Benedictine Monks
of Weston Priory


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