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This Christmas, may we all be awakened by the Word to that Love which first captivated us, and — enlivened by the ever-young Spirit — may we respond by bringing this world to flower!

The Benedictine Monks of
Weston Priory
Highlights From the Fall/Winter 2003 Bulletin

A Deep Bow of Gratitude

To all of you

who have shared in our anniversary year,
joined in our celebrations, sent greetings and gifts,
and remembered us in prayer from afar,
we offer our deepest thanks.

The focus of this year has surely been the love of God,
faithfully touching the life of our community through persons:
our forebears on the monastic path;
brothers who have shared the common life with us;
friends, co-workers, guests, and visitors.

In the hidden Mystery upholding us,
your lives and ours have touched and become intertwined,
so that we may be grace for one another.

Before the Holy Mystery,
and before you, our sisters and brothers,
we bow in deep gratitude.

Thanks be to God!

Table of Contents

1) “Today”: The Gift of Time Fifty Years of Monastic Living

  • Every morning — season after season — we sing the words of Psalm 95, “If today you hear God's voice, harden not your hearts.” As we conclude this year celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Weston Priory, we are profoundly aware of the gift of time — fifty years of “todays” — giving us the opportunity to remember in gratefulness, to respond in the present moment, and to look forward in expectation. (more)

2) The Prophetic Dimension of Monastic Life Today

3) The 50th Anniversary of the Reception of the Monks of Weston Priory by the Diocese of Burlington, Vermont

4) Life Together in One Heart

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