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Monastic life, like all religious life, is above all a historical response and not a prefabricated model. The Spirit is constant and changing at once, like life, like history, and we must let it change us for this era. We ought not confuse stability with the rigidity of cadavers.
--Simon Pedro Arnold, OSB

2010 Fall/Winter Bulletin: Wisdom's Gift of Creation

Wisdom's Gift of Creation - (pages 1-3)
“Today, more than ever, we are invited to assume our place as responsible and gifting partners with all of creation, caring and celebrating together the beauty of every gift with which we have been entrusted, from the smallest molecule to the grandeur of the unfathomable universe. . . more

The Friendly Forest - brother John (pages 4-6)
“The forestry program at the Priory is a vital and happy activity in the life of the Weston Priory Community. It is a pretty smooth operation. The woodland surrounding the Priory buildings provides a generous local resource of energy to assure the warmth and comfort of the Community from November to late spring. Brothers relish the invigorating work of the wood harvest . . .” more

The Humility of Trees - brother Michael (pages 7-9)
“I always feel a deep need for a moment of prayerful gratitude when a tree is harvested. We fall a tree so that younger or healthier ones can continue to grow. The tree which is limbed and brought home for firewood or milling is on a journey. We are all on a journey. . . more

The Wedding Day - brother Daniel (Poem, pages 10 -12)
This poetic reflection is occasioned by the wedding of James Conroy and Juanita Cabrera-Lopez, the daughter of Felipe and Elena Ixcot of the Maya indigenous family from Guatemala who were received in Sanctuary at Weston Priory in 1984. . . more poetry

Let There Be Light! - brother Mark (page 13)
“[Friends] advised us to start keeping our own bees. With their help, two brothers entered into that work and have become dedicated beekeepers. . . new directions for our own life have opened with the gathering of honey and the making of 100% beeswax candles. . . this entire process is an expression of the marvelous light of God's presence among us . . .” more

Wonder, Laughter and Delight - brother Peter (pages 14 -17)
“I find delight in the immediate, the local, the present, the direct, and the particular: the wonder of nature at my fingertips, within eyesight, “in my backyard”; the persons in front of me, within reach of my hand; the savor of the sounds and smells surrounding me . . . These palpable, ordinary experiences of life around me are an opening to surprise that gift me with a serendipitous sense of well-being . . .” more

Reflections - brother Columba (page 17)
“Faithfulness to prayer focuses us; leisure time keeps us energized and restores
our vision . . .” more

Life Together in One Heart - (pages 18 -24)
Chronicle: May through October 2010
“We are grateful for the many and varied ways in which our community life is continually enriched. There is a Spanish proverb that says, “God's hand is always opening.” Through the following we want to share some of the blessings and memorable occasions that we have experienced in these past six months . . .” more

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