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Monastic life, like all religious life, is above all a historical response and not a prefabricated model. The Spirit is constant and changing at once, like life, like history, and we must let it change us for this era. We ought not confuse stability with the rigidity of cadavers.
--Simon Pedro Arnold, OSB

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2013 Fall/Winter Bulletin

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The Sun of Justice Will Arise with its Healings (pgs. 2-3)
". . . It is the season of Advent and Christmas. As the year of our 60th anniversary celebration draws to a close, we remain humbly grateful for the light that illumines and blesses our manastic journey. The reflections in this bulletin share throught story, poetry and song the gift of persons and experiences that bless us with new hope. . . " ...more

A Clear Evening (poem) - brother Augustine (pg. 3)
. . . more poetry

The Slow Stride of Incarnation - brother Peter (pgs. 4-5)
". . . nature has its measured, time-bound processes whaich have their own profound joys and wisdom. Prayer is not enhanced in being speed-up. Our monastic prayers can be beneficial in slowing us down to a more human and humane experience of life and communication with others, with nature, and with God . . . " ...more

Morning Practice (poem) - brother Michael (pg. 6)
. . . more poetry

In Remembrance of Brother Philip (pgs.7-9)
". . . Christmas Eve, 2013, will mark five years since our brother Philip's Pascua or Passage to New Life. The grace of his life among us is still deeply present and gifting. RECENTLY, a personal reflection he wrote in 1992 surfaced serendipitously. The excerpts from it here speak eloquently of the experience of Incarnation in his life and challenge us to a profound thanksgiving and praise for the grace of Christian life in community . . . " ...more

Seasons of Grace (poem) - brother John (pg. 10)
. . . more poetry

What Do You Do? - brother Mark (pgs. 11)
". . . Reflecting on our Benedictine monastic life in the light of our Christmas celebration we recognize that all of our daily tasks and practices are aspects of a more profound work: that of living out together the lifelong communal discipline of giving flesh to (incarnating) what Jesus announced as the Kingdom or Reign of God . . . " ...more

Gratitude for a Dear Friend, John Quinn(pg. 12)
". . . John was by profession a very gifted recording and sound engineer . . . as we began to ocmpose music for our prayer and liturgy, Joh offered to bring sound equipment and record our music for distribution to the many people and church communities who were requesting it. He continued faithfully and generously to record our music over the years" ...more

Three Poems (poems) - brother Columba
. . . more poetry

...the gift of hospitality - Delores Barbeau and Gloria Dawson (pgs.14-15)
. . . Neigborhood Connections: What we have tried to do from the beggining is to listen, to meet people where they are when they call and come in-for fuel assitance, for housing, for food or work or transportation, with health problems and family crisis-and to walk with them until they no longer in that situation...We hope to use Sabbath House as a home-and as a community center for education, for gathering, for growth and celebration. We hope that it will be, in the deepest sense of the wqord, a place of hospitality...more

Incarnation (poem) - brother Alvaro (pg.16)
. . . more poetry

Dona Julia's Seeds - brother Daniel (pgs. 17 - 18)
...Dona an elderly woman with dark wrinkled skin and youthful eyes that seem to smile as she tells stories slowly in her charmingly imperfected Spanish. There is wisdom in her stories; andshe invites hers listeners to learn, not to be entertained...She takes her time, slowly sharing the memories of this beloved landsacape, just as her seeds, her life and her community abide in teh same soil. . . ...more

Life Together in One Heart (pgs. 19-22)
Chronicle: May through November, 2013 . . . more

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