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A Latin American experience with our Mexican Benedictine Sisters

Journey to Nicaragua

Public Sanctuary for Central American Refugees

"Together let us work to build God's Kingdom here today: justice, equality, sharing, compassion, peace will be our way."
-- From the song "Life Is A Journey"

The Benedictine Monks of
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Highlights From the Spring/Summer 2000 Bulletin
Table of Contents

1) Por los caminos de América

"As never before in our history, Christians in North America are being challenged to re-envision ourselves in relationship with all our brothers and sisters in the Americas..." MORE  

2) Life Together in One Heart


    "This is a necessary preface, as we share with you some wonderful moments in our community life in the past months..." MORE

January 2000: Sharing a Living Faith

  • Living With Our Monastic Community
      The Jubilee Year 2000 began with an opportunity to share our community life with five young men, through a Winter Experience in Monastic Living.

  • Theological Reflection
      We welcomed Msgr. Edward Ciuba for a few days of reflection with the community.

February 2000: The Benedictine Charism in the World

  • Mexico - Nicaragua
      Each year, our entire community travels to Mexico to share for two weeks in the life of our Benedictine sisters.

  • "They are our children..."
      Mexico City shares with all other Third World cities an exponential growth in population, joined with unemployment and the lack of basic human services.

  • Meeting of Monastic Leaders
      The monastic leaders of the Benedictine communities of men and women in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean held their joint meeting at the Abbey of Tepeyac, just outside of Mexico City.

March 2000: Creating an Environment of Peace

  • Thomas Berry, C.P.
      The kindness of the Passionist sisters made possible a morning of reflection with the ecological theologian.

  • Partners in Offering Hospitality
      Extending hospitality here at Weston Priory involves the gifts of many: a weekend of reflection and prayer in mid-March was a tangible celebration of the Benedictine values that unite us.

April 2000: Toward a New Self-Understanding

  • A Visit
      During Easter week, we welcomed the visit of Krister and Brita Stendahl for a few days of reflection and exchange about the urgent necessity of a new Christian self-understanding in relation to the Jewish People, the people of the Covenant.

May 2000: Creating an Environment of Encounter

  • Psychotherapy and Spirituality
      Halley Sauseville Lovett, a psychologist and therapist from Washington, D.C., facilitated a very stimulating discussion on the relationship of psychology and spirituality in the search for meaning.

  • Monastic Practices, East & West
      Buddhist monks and nuns from Maple Forest Monastery came to the priory for a day in mid-May.

  • Seventeen Years of Exile
      Felipe and Elena Ixcot, refugees from Guatemala, have lived in sanctuary here at the priory for more than 16 years.

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