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"You will declare this fiftieth year to be sacred, and proclaim liberation to all people. This fiftieth year will be a jubilee year for you."
-- Leviticus 25

The Benedictine Monks of
Weston Priory
Highlights From the Spring/Summer 2003 Bulletin
Table of Contents

1) The Planting of a Seed: The Founding of Weston Priory

"After much searching and many disappointments, Brother Leo's friends found a location in Vermont that seemed to be ideal. It was an abandoned farm on the edge of the Green Mountain National Forest. The farmhouse and attached barn were in terrible disrepair, with a rickety chicken coop in the back yard. But the price was right..." MORE  

2) Proclaiming Our Year of Jubilee

"Fifty years ago, with only a dream in his heart, our founder, Brother Leo, journeyed from Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion, and planted the first seeds of monastic life on this mountain..." MORE

3) A Matter of the Heart: A Loving Word from Brother Leo to His Brothers
(ca. mid-1970s)

"The present moment is the one in which you should respond. Do not fantasize a tomorrow; do not be nostalgic about the past. Respond to the moment..." MORE

4) Announcing a New Recording and a New Video

"In celebration of our anniversary year, we are pleased to announce a new recording of our music, which will be available this summer. The recording, With An Everlasting Love, features twelve new songs, suitable for common prayer and personal listening. It will be available in stereo cassette and compact disc formats, with an accompanying song- book.

A new 30-minute video presentation of our community life, With One Heart, has just been completed, and will also be available for sale this summer. The work of filmmaker David Skillicorn, the video will be available in VHS and DVD formats." (Editor's note: 'With An Everlasting Love' is Now Available, as is the new video, 'With One Heart')

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