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'When I love someone… I love them forever…'

-- Brother Leo

The Benedictine Monks of
Weston Priory
Highlights From the Spring/Summer 2004 Bulletin
Table of Contents

1) Our Exuberant Procession to an Everlasting Pentecost

    "Our nation, with arrogant self-assurance, continues to inflict the barbarities of war in Iraq and Afghanistan... Our civil liberties, and the respect for international law, are being eroded in the name of “national security”... In the church, the unsettledness of our postmodern culture has led many to fearfully retreat from the promise of renewal opened for us by the Second Vatican Council." MORE


    "Full moon of April spring, / Warm, golden white — " MORE

3) A Summons to Repentance, A Call to Peacemaking

    "Now the veil of secrecy is being pulled back. We are beginning to see how international laws, and the Geneva Conventions, have been violated in the extreme, from the beginning." MORE

4) Life Together in One Heart

    "The earth's northern hemisphere has traversed the silence of winter, the beauty of spring's blossoming, and now unfolds in summer's abundance. As a faith community, we too have traversed the journey from Christmas, through Lent, into Easter's fifty-day feast, culminating in the blaze of Pentecost Sunday." MORE

5) Poem: To a Firefly

    "With blinding brilliance / you scar the sky / my brother firefly." MORE

6) Monks in the Wilderness

    "Since we live a simple monastic life, without external ministries or apostolates, our life is interwoven with this rugged landscape. Our life flows with the rhythms of her seasons..." MORE

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