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Monastic life, like all religious life, is above all a historical response and not a prefabricated model. The Spirit is constant and changing at once, like life, like history, and we must let it change us for this era. We ought not confuse stability with the rigidity of cadavers.
--Simon Pedro Arnold, OSB

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2009 Spring/Summer Bulletin, in honor of brother Philip

Philip Fronckiewicz, July 31, 1949 - December 24, 2008
( cover )

With Deep Gratitude
( page 2: I Have Called You Now - lyrics of brother Philip; pages 2 - 5, with photos)
". . . the gratitude we feel for all the expressions of love and care for our brother Philip during the time of his illness and at his dying. Through this memorial edition of our bulletin, we hope to share our own reflections and a sample from those who shared thoughts and wishes with us. . ." (more)

Time & Sequel to Time - brother John
( Poem, pages 6 - 7, with photos ) (more poetry)

We look up to Mount Terrible - brother Columba
( Poem, page 8 ) (more poetry)

And let my dying - brother Augustine
( Poem, page 9 ) (more poetry)

Hold Me When I Die - Catherine de Vinck
( Poem, page 10 ) (more poetry)

Who is this brother Philip whom we honor today?
Bishop Paul Bootkoski

( page 11 )
Words of the bishop of the diocese of Metuchen, New Jersey, at the January 3, 2008, Memorial Eucharist. (more)

brother Philip - Jennie (and Cliff) Pollard
( Poem, page 12 ) (more poetry)

Meditation - Lorrie Ann MacGregor
( Poem, page 13 ) (more poetry)

May is ALS Awareness Month - Penny Brand
( page 14 )
Excerpted from the article in the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Newsletter of May, 2008. (more)

Our Paschal Journey - brother Philip
( pages 15 - 18 )
This is the prayer, personal reflection and song assembled by brother Philip for the brothers to pray with him in his final days. (more)

Life Together in One Heart Chronicle:
(December 2008 to March of 2009)

( page 19: photos; pages 20 - 22 )
We share the ongoing chronicle of our monastic life as a community of brothers seeking God in today's world. . . Begins with a page of photos of brother Philip. (more)

Credits Page
( page 23 )

Silk Screen Print by brother Philip
( back cover )

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