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Monastic life, like all religious life, is above all a historical response and not a prefabricated model. The Spirit is constant and changing at once, like life, like history, and we must let it change us for this era. We ought not confuse stability with the rigidity of cadavers.
--Simon Pedro Arnold, OSB

2010 Spring/Summer Bulletin:
25 Years of Service -The Guadalupe Center

Weston brothers with the Benedictine Sisters serving at the Guadalupe Center, January 2008

Astonished by Some Women - (pages 2-3)
"For us brothers and for many friends, the relationship with our Mexican Benedictine Sisters has opened a new vision of hope for what our world can become. . . We have been touched and radically changed by the hospitality of the Sisters who invited us to listen and commune far beyond words. We have truly been amazed and astonished. . ." more

A Gifting Friendship - Sister Fidelina (pages 4-7)
"As I recall all that led up to the foundation of the Guadalupe Center, I am filled with so many wonderful memories, occasions, and stories that Las Misioneras Guadalupanas Benedictinas de Cristo Rey (Missionary Guadalupan Benedictine Sisters of Christ the King) and the Benedictine Monks of Weston Priory have shared together. . . A sign of our commitment with one another is the Guadalupe Center. We had dreamt together, had reflected and planned each step of the way, and finally brought to completion this common project through the energies and efforts of both Communities. . . more

Flower and Song In the City of Eternal Spring - brother John (pages 8-10)
"The legal title of the Center is Flor y Canto, translated to mean Flower and Song. For more than 25 years the Sisters have welcomed numerous groups of North American guests, inviting them into a spirit of prayer, offering nourishing native meals and warm hospitality. The focus of the Sisters is to introduce their guests to the rich abounding Mexican culture, their deep rooted spirituality and the harsh reality of life south of the U.S. border. . ." more

Dreaming Together - Sister Fabiola (pages 11-13)
"Through the simple service of hospitality, prayer, and reflection in our home at the Guadalupe Center, we have tried to offer people a taste of community life and an opportunity to discover God in the faces of the poor. It is always with joy and enthusiasm that we have received groups of North Americans. . ." more

Deep Gratitude Simply - brother Placid (pages 14-15)
"As we look back from a quarter of a century of rich experience, a deep gratitude emerges to all who have been a part of this adventure: the participants, the presenters, helpers, and, above all, our Sisters, who so graciously and untiringly host and organize the experiences, continuing to discover new and enriching ways of presenting the many faces of Latin American life. . . " more

The Local and the Global: Reaction and Response - brother Michael (pages 16-19)
"This year's annual trip had its usual twists and turns. We encountered the rich and ancient culture of the native Mexicans, as well as the creation and destruction of their cities, places of worship and way of life. We were acutely sensitive to the struggles of the present inhabitants to recapture their heritage while at the same time being relevant in this age of instant electronic dialogue. . ." more

Flor y Canto (Flower and Song) - brother Daniel (Poem, page 20-21)
more poetry

Treasured New Beginnings - Anne Johnston (pages 22-24)
"As the realidad becomes part of us, we hope the companionship and solidarity we offer helps to build a strong bridge between our Mexican and Latin American brothers and sisters. For us, it means that the signs and issues of our times in the U.S. call us to respond by working for justice and peace. We are all one people-north and south of the border. . ." more

Life Together in One Heart - (pages 25-28)
Chronicle: November 2009 through May 2010
We share the ongoing chronicle of our monastic life as a community of brothers seeking God in today's world. . . more

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