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Monastic life, like all religious life, is above all a historical response and not a prefabricated model. The Spirit is constant and changing at once, like life, like history, and we must let it change us for this era. We ought not confuse stability with the rigidity of cadavers.
--Simon Pedro Arnold, OSB

2011 Spring/Summer Bulletin

Cover: A Parable of God's Kin-dom
Linocut 1991 The Benedictine Foundation of the State of Vermont, Inc.

Learning in the Kin-dom, the Journey of Disciples
- Introduction - (pgs. 2 - 3)
". . . We are born with a deep love of learning. We author words of communion with one another and speak of our connectedness with all creation. It is the "naming of creatures" of Genesis; it is the unexpected recognition, amidst utterly distinct languages, that resonates in our hearts, igniting the Pentecost flame . . . " more

An Alternative School - brother John (pgs. 4 - 5)
"Alternative Schools are familiar places of learning in North America. To mention just a few, alongside the standard Public Schools, we find Private Schools, Charter Schools, Home Schools . . . A Benedictine Monastery is an ancient and less known Alternative School . . . more

Mice, Mothers, and Hope - brother Michael (pgs. 6 - 8)
"Everyone in our van is laughing. The laughter is very relaxed; the kind where a smile remains and eyes continue to shine with enthusiasm. We are in Mexico again visiting with our Mexican Benedictine sisters; and this day we are traveling with Alejandro, our guide from VAMOS, to an after-school program in one of Cuernavaca's colonias . . ." more

Busy Bees and Time to Pray - brother Placid (pgs. 9 - 10)
"For many years now here at the Priory, we have been keeping bees. It is a wonderful experience, but one full of surprises. Flowing with the rhythms of the seasons, the bees' tender touch graces and awakens the spring flowers . . ." more

Learning in the Garden - an essay inspired by brother Columba (pgs. 11 - 12)
"Since the earliest days of Weston Priory brothers tilled the soil and learned in the garden. In the beginning it was not exactly the Garden of Eden. Digging between rocks, weeds and thistles, the brothers managed to harvest a few hearty crops . . ." more

"Without Words" - brother Mark (pg. 13)
". . . The rabbits, in so many ways, -without words- witness to the life we seek to live. Their tranquil demeanor is a constant reminder of the stability of spirit that we vow as Benedictine monks. . ." more

Of Cabbages, a Cat, and Our Lady of Guadalupe - brother Peter (pgs. 14 - 15)
"They were rose-like in form, but multi-colored and really beautiful—and edible. What a wonder! I was weeding around the decorative cabbages in my section of our community garden . . . Our yearly visits with our Mexican Benedictine sisters . . . have enabled deep encounters between our two communities, our peoples and our cultures . . . " more

The Teaching Forest - brother Augustine (pgs. 16 - 17)
"Our forests and the life of the trees and animals they support have always been a mystery to me. What is the life of a forest, especially in the cool, green environment of summer, or in the quiet, snow-filled season of winter? . . . " more

Poetry—Morning Walk; Young ones - (pg. 10 and pg. 17)
more poetry

Welcoming the Sign of Jonah at Pentecost - brother Daniel (pgs. 18 - 20)
". . . four of us brothers had the opportunity to cross the great body of water to Spain. . . We had received an invitation the previous year from the Community of Trinitarian Nuns of Suesa who were celebrating the sesquicentennial of the foundation of their monastery . . . " more

Life Together in One Heart - (pgs. 21 - 25)
Chronicle: November 2010 through April 2011
"Our community life of prayer and song continues to be a journey of surprise and growth for us. We have recorded some of our recently composed songs in an entirely new format, both vocally and instrumentally. We offer it as an opportunity to share in our experience of prayer. . . ." more

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