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With an Everlasting Love

  1. With an Everlasting Love
    (Jeremiah 31)
  2. Maria of All Our Americas 3:17
  3. Bread on Every Table 3:40
  4. You Watch Over Us (Psalm 34) 3:05
  5. We Waited (Psalm 40) 3:04
  6. Sabbath's End 3:05
  7. Hear From Our Heart 4:00
  8. By Your Mercy (Psalm 5) 3:54
  9. What Gain Is There? (Mark 8:36-37) 3:58
  10. Have Mercy, O God (Psalms 22, 51) 2:58
  11. Light of Salvation (Psalm 27) 4:03
  12. No One Goes Hungry 3:25
Total Time: 42:19
Song Book Supplement:
  1. Litany For The Breaking Of The Bread, II (Lamb of God)
  2. Canticle Of Mary (Magnificat)

Fifty years ago the first seeds of monastic life were planted on a mountain in Vermont, and the Benedictine community of Weston Priory was born.

Filled with thanksgiving for God's faithfulness to us, and for the life of every person who has helped to build this community, we joyfully sing "With An Everlasting Love."

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