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"If you hear God's voice today, do not harden your hearts."
— Psalm 95, Invitation to Morning Prayer

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A Community of Prayer

Prayer is at the center of the community. Regular times of communal and personal prayer set the basic rhythm and tone of each day.

In the monastery, the day begins with brothers gathering before dawn for a reflective Morning Vigil Prayer together.

This is followed by an extended time for personal prayer and reflective reading. Common prayer again in the morning and at midday. Evening Prayer, and, to close the day, Compline, further call brothers to an awareness of the spirit in which they have chosen to live.

Finally, the community's Eucharist (celebrated together with one of the Hours of daily prayer) challenges the brothers to respond to the presence of the God of Jesus, by loving, gifting, and committing themselves to others.

In a society plagued by individualism, fear, and a lack of sharing, the discipline of prayer calls the community to recognize all persons, and all creation, as the free gift of this loving God, Who calls all to a life of communion.

In prayer, brothers hear the summons to go beyond themselves and to be present to all humankind, recognizing its hungers, its brokenness, its joys, and its hopes as their own.

Because prayer calls the brothers to openness and sharing, it is always a celebration with others: a celebration of God's good gifts, of the possibility and promise at the heart of each human life.

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