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Proclaiming Our Year of Jubilee


Brothers and sisters,

Fifty years ago,

with only a dream in his heart,
our founder, Brother Leo,
journeyed from Dormition Abbey
on Mount Zion,
and planted the first seeds of monastic life
on this mountain,

and the Benedictine community of Weston Priory was born.

For fifty years,

young men have come to this community
listening to the desires of their hearts for life,
responding to the call of the Gospel
to follow Jesus in this world.

For fifty years,
brothers have found, in the vision of Saint Benedict,
an alternative way to live,
and a path to peace and reconciliation.

For half a century,
countless men and women
have supported our community
with the gift of their faith and friendship,
living the vision of Benedict
in their own time and place.

For fifty years,
God has taken the initiative
in calling us into the wilderness,
and has spoken to the heart of our community,

And for fifty years,
brothers have sought to listen deeply,
and to respond lovingly and creatively.


as we stand at the threshold of a new year,

on this feast of the Epiphany,
when we celebrate the light of God's love
in the face of Jesus,
the Word made flesh,
we are filled with thanksgiving
for God's faithfulness to us,

for a monastic tradition
reaching back to the earliest centuries of the church,

and for the life of each brother
who has faithfully shared his life
to build this Benedictine community of Weston Priory.

Now, once again,

God is speaking to the heart of our community,
leading us into a new wilderness,

gathering us together
as a fraternity of the wounded,
touched by God's grace.

Once again,
we are being challenged
to deepen our life of prayer and reflection,
straining to hear the prophetic word
in the deserts of our times;

challenged to deepen our common life,
so that we may become
a community
of an even wider welcome to all.
Once again,
God's loving word summons us to listen
to the joys and the hopes,
the suffering and anguish of our world,

to be open to the Holy Spirit,

and to live the prophetic word
by responding
with the gift of all that we are.


as we begin the fiftieth anniversary
of our foundation,
we proclaim:

Let this be a year of Jubilee!

A jubilee of gratitude and celebration!

A jubilee of justice and forgiveness!

A jubilee of grace and recommitment!

A new Exodus!

A new Easter!

A new Pentecost!

Thanks be to God!

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