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Ten Days of Faith & Hospitality with the People of Mexico

The 10-Day Experience

Fly to Mexico on the first scheduled day (with an early afternoon arrival). Be welcomed by the sisters at the airport.

Through the vision and listening hearts of these Mexican women, through their generous spirit of hospitality, you touch the joys and sufferings of the people of Latin America, especially the poor.

With these women of faith, God's face in the poorest of the world is discovered, as it continues to be revealed in the Event of Guadalupe, where the Mexican tradition tells us Mary reached out to the humblest of the Indian people.

At the beginning, or at an appropriate moment during the Experience, the sisters share the meaning of Our Lady of Guadalupe for the Latin American people. They bring you to the Basilica located near their Motherhouse in Mexico City, where you spend an evening.

This journey of faith is a pilgrimage not to a shrine, but to the temple of the living God in the heart of a people.

After a two-hour car trip to the Guadalupe Center in Cuernavaca, Mexico, the sisters offer an orientation for the days ahead.

In the following days they blend time (full days) and experiences at the center (spacious grounds, rooms... quiet) with visits to various areas of Cuernavaca. All guests are invited to participate in a rhythm of prayer, work, reflection, and exchange.

At the Center:

Speakers come to share about the Latin American reality. Frequently there are audiovisual presentations with input from the sisters. There is ample time for group interaction, reflection, communal and personal prayer.

The Visits:

The sisters arrange experiences to introduce the participants to the historical and cultural context of Mexican life, as well as the present human reality of the people (e.g., in a poor squatter settlement near the center, a mission area on the edge of the city where the sisters work).

The Experience concludes with an evaluation and a discussion on implications for life.

Departure for the airport is on the morning of the final scheduled day.

This Faith Experience brings you in contact with the religious, social, political, and economic reality of the people of Mexico and Latin America.

The sisters wish to point out that contact with these realities can be difficult, in that it brings out the conflict between the North American experience and values, and those of the people of Latin America.

We find it important to relay this concern of the sisters to those wishing to participate in the Experience.

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